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Monday, June 8, 2009

My favorite songs

1. Breathe-taylor swift
2. Iris-GooGoo dolls
3. The day we fell apart-Kelly Clarkson
4. Im only me when Im with u- Taylor Swift (dedicated to a special som1)
5. Better than me- Hinder
6. Far from home- Hinder
7. Goodbye-Miley cyrus
8. Out of the blue-Aly and AJ
9. Chemicals react-Aly and AJ
10. Behind these hazel eyes-Kelly clarkson
11.Confessions of a broken heart - Lindsay Lohan
12. Symptoms of you- Lindsay lohan
13.I dont regret- Barlow girls
14. Never Alone- Barlow girls


R.A.B.I.A. said...

im in love with pretty much all these songs...
the last two barlow girls <3 <3