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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Knocked out senses

I had to close my eyes

It was too much for me to believe

You made me forget all my cries

You were a thing I couldnt decieve

But it was too much for me to take

The way you looked in my eyes

My heart always stood still like it would never break

Like all the old fake reasons to never fall in love were simply useless lies

But now my i feel my knocked out senses

Like you are here to bring back my soul

I just let down all my guards and defences

Its like I never thought I could feel like this at all

I thought all my senses were out of conciousness

I thought that I was just having the greatest dream

Until you proved to be the inocence

That will never describe love as it seems

Where did you come from or why are you here

Or are you here to save me

But now theres nothing else to fear

All I can say that you were my eyes when I couldnt see

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I had this urge to write a poem and definitely a poem has to be raised upon some feeling...so I decided to build it upon the feeling which Bella felt when Edward had to leave or when Buffy felt as Angel told her that he has to go...

You think when you leave without a word spoken
That way you would leave my heart unbroken
But I have to say that you were wrong

So cold like ice to be placed on fire
You went away to please your desire
But now you think that I would be just fine

Why did you have to leave me...didnot you know that I need you here
Why should you turn away and forget about all the love we share
You said you had to do it because you must
But you were the only thing I had to trust

Everynight I cry silently till my tears tell me to forget you
But I remember the way my head fits ur shoulder perfectly
Now you went away and what can I do

You said I will forget you as soon as you leave
But tell me now who would you believe
Your senses when they tell you I really forgot
Or my heart when it convinces that I havenot

Monday, August 24, 2009

Who are you??

Are you the black wearing..clothes tearing..heavy metal problem solver or are you the hand cutter..the blood lover with hair all over your face...are you the skull obssessor...pink and black processor with peircings allover the place or the highschool gossiper with perfect body and latest fashion just to give yourself the permission to talk about people and criticise them...why should you even be one..why cant you just be your self .forget about goth...emo..punk and highschool gossipers...you can simply be yourself and stop following fake dreams because problems will never be solved by heavy metal or cuts or peircings or even talking about people..you can just be YOU!!

Look up the words ''handsome'' and ''brooding'' in any dictionary and chances are..you will have a pretty good description of actor David Patrick Boreanaz who is famous as David Boreanaz. Tall, dark and possessing the sort of alluring charisma that suggests an abercombie and Fitch model from the dark side, Boreanaz flourished on the small screen in the early 2000's when his Buffy the Vampire Slayer role was spun off into the supernatural-flavoured series ANGEL.

In my point of view, Robert Pattison simply chances no chance when we speak about David Boreanaz. Above all, the lion falling in love with a lamb idea was taken from Buffy and Angel.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Someone in your heart

Before reading this...put someone on your mind..the one you love and concentrate and put all your feelings together just for that one person....imagine...today your with the person..same land...same air...today he is close to you...and with you...even if you cant see him...at least you can get some news about him..even if hes dar away..but..today..just imagine for once..that hes ....gone..suddenly..no warnings..from this world he disappears...gone..far...very far away..and its impossible that he might come back someday..went to a place where he cant come back from..ur imaging arent u ??..he went to that place where we will all go to someday...its over...he just went and death took over him and left u ...lost..wondering..in pain..shocked...could u imagine how u will be at that tym?? screaming.??..shouting?? or u keep quiet from the shock..and be just broken from the inside...ur life will pass for sure ..but without him..without seeing him..or looking into his eyes..imagine wat could u lose..his love..his kindness...his sadness..his smile..his care..his passion..his words..his kind heart...his cruelness..his stuborness..his innocence..his speech...his mood..his heart..just..ALL of him...imagine...wat could u lose..ur dream...ur sun...ur moon...ur night..ur life..ur heart...ALL OF U..do u blame urself coz one day u stabbed him and left..or maybe forgot him..but the regret wont help..today..hes gone..and he made u curse evry word u said that made him angry...ur love is not little..u love him alot...but u broke him...but today u felt like u love him..today he is right next 2 u ..even if hes not..bring him next 2 u...u have to compensate wat u made him lose...love him...every precious person 2 u that u might lose...love him and dont forget that he dies 4 u 2...tell him...I LOVE YOU..EVERY PRECIOUS PERSON..ur mom..ur dad..ur sister..ur brother..ur wife...ur grandma..ur frends..ur gf or bf..ur lover..go tell them I LOVE U ..coz maybe today they r with u ..who knows where might they go tomorrow...

Monday, June 8, 2009

My favorite songs

1. Breathe-taylor swift
2. Iris-GooGoo dolls
3. The day we fell apart-Kelly Clarkson
4. Im only me when Im with u- Taylor Swift (dedicated to a special som1)
5. Better than me- Hinder
6. Far from home- Hinder
7. Goodbye-Miley cyrus
8. Out of the blue-Aly and AJ
9. Chemicals react-Aly and AJ
10. Behind these hazel eyes-Kelly clarkson
11.Confessions of a broken heart - Lindsay Lohan
12. Symptoms of you- Lindsay lohan
13.I dont regret- Barlow girls
14. Never Alone- Barlow girls

I never knew

Spoken words may be untold
It may be more than the heart can hold
But here Iam writing you this song
Coz maybe letters could hide beneath
I might suffocate for u 2 breathe
But this is not how things usually go
Coz i never knew that u would say
Those words that i could never say
About me..u felt wat was unheard
I might sit and stare at u when talking
I might look at my feet when Im walking
U never know that Iam choking
To get the words out of my mouth
I never knew u would come one day
I never knew I would find my way
I never knew u would be here and to my heart u would be near
Drenching through all that i think about
U r like the flood that wets my drought
And thats wat ur all about
I never knew...