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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Someone in your heart

Before reading this...put someone on your mind..the one you love and concentrate and put all your feelings together just for that one person....imagine...today your with the person..same land...same air...today he is close to you...and with you...even if you cant see him...at least you can get some news about him..even if hes dar away..but..today..just imagine for once..that hes ....gone..suddenly..no warnings..from this world he disappears...gone..far...very far away..and its impossible that he might come back someday..went to a place where he cant come back from..ur imaging arent u ??..he went to that place where we will all go to someday...its over...he just went and death took over him and left u ...lost..wondering..in pain..shocked...could u imagine how u will be at that tym?? screaming.??..shouting?? or u keep quiet from the shock..and be just broken from the inside...ur life will pass for sure ..but without him..without seeing him..or looking into his eyes..imagine wat could u lose..his love..his kindness...his sadness..his smile..his care..his passion..his words..his kind heart...his cruelness..his stuborness..his innocence..his speech...his mood..his heart..just..ALL of him...imagine...wat could u lose..ur dream...ur sun...ur moon...ur night..ur life..ur heart...ALL OF U..do u blame urself coz one day u stabbed him and left..or maybe forgot him..but the regret wont help..today..hes gone..and he made u curse evry word u said that made him angry...ur love is not little..u love him alot...but u broke him...but today u felt like u love him..today he is right next 2 u ..even if hes not..bring him next 2 u...u have to compensate wat u made him lose...love him...every precious person 2 u that u might lose...love him and dont forget that he dies 4 u 2...tell him...I LOVE YOU..EVERY PRECIOUS PERSON..ur mom..ur dad..ur sister..ur brother..ur wife...ur grandma..ur frends..ur gf or bf..ur lover..go tell them I LOVE U ..coz maybe today they r with u ..who knows where might they go tomorrow...