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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I had this urge to write a poem and definitely a poem has to be raised upon some feeling...so I decided to build it upon the feeling which Bella felt when Edward had to leave or when Buffy felt as Angel told her that he has to go...

You think when you leave without a word spoken
That way you would leave my heart unbroken
But I have to say that you were wrong

So cold like ice to be placed on fire
You went away to please your desire
But now you think that I would be just fine

Why did you have to leave me...didnot you know that I need you here
Why should you turn away and forget about all the love we share
You said you had to do it because you must
But you were the only thing I had to trust

Everynight I cry silently till my tears tell me to forget you
But I remember the way my head fits ur shoulder perfectly
Now you went away and what can I do

You said I will forget you as soon as you leave
But tell me now who would you believe
Your senses when they tell you I really forgot
Or my heart when it convinces that I havenot